Panago Pizza

John’s workshop hit the mark for our team. The workshop was tailored to our needs, and it was delivered in a professional and understandable manner. John’s workshop was the perfect resource to accompany our upcoming changes. We were able to identify areas needing improvement through the topics discussed.

John offered very good ideas, both new and old that have encouraged us to refocus our strategies and lead us in the right direction. We can now take a smarter approach to managing our workforce.

We thoroughly recommend John to anyone wishing to learn more about labour strategies.
Yasmin Church - Director, Customer Contact Centers - Panago Pizza

Abbott Laboratories

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you have done in helping us to understand and implement alternative shift schedules at our Austin facility. You have been an excellent teacher and business partner.

You quickly grasped the fundamentals of our business operation and identified areas that we could improve through better utilization of our capital and human resources. Your ideas were well thought out, ranged from conservative to radical, and were presented with accurate up and downside analysis. In meetings with our employees, you gained instant credibility. The employee survey tools you introduced heightened the morale of all involved by allowing their input to play a key role in our decision making.

Throughout the process, you have taught us a variety of approaches to employ when considering and evaluating shift schedules. You opened our eyes to unique scheduling alternatives we had not previously imagined.

The tools we learned throughout our scheduling project are something I will carry with me the rest of my career. As we gain experience with our newly implemented schedules, we'll continue to learn. But, it is nice to know that you'll be out there ready to help. I will keep you updated on our progress and success.
Thanks again for your outstanding support.
Kim Haugen - Human Resources Manager - Abbott Laboratories


Dan Crane of Dannon Yogurt had the following to say about his work with Core Practice:

The Minster plant was facing a 30% volume growth making us run most of our lines 7 days per week and, with most of our teams still scheduled Monday through Friday, we were simply not ready. The overtime levels were unmanageable and many employees were working several weeks in a row without a day off. We partnered with Core Practice to perform a complete analysis of our scheduling and staffing practices. The Core Practice team dug deep into all the data we could throw at them and their operational analysis revealed many opportunities based on mismatch between workload and staffing level in many departments.

Core Practice met all of our employees and conducted a very insightful survey. We learned a lot about the preferences of our workforce, this is knowledge that we still use in our decision making 2 years after the project.

Combining the needs of the business, the needs of our employees captured by the survey and the extensive knowledge of all the possible types of schedules out there, the Core Practice team was able to come up with schedules that satisfied the most people.

They did everything from explaining the project to the employees, getting their input, working with management to determine the appropriate types of schedules and presenting the results and the new schedules to all the employees. The Core Practice team was available at all hours of the day and the night to meet our employees on their shift.

The outcome of our work with Core Practice is that we implemented many scheduling and staffing changes that reduce our headcount, reduced our overtime levels and improved the employee’s work-life balance. And on top of that, as a Production Manager, I have learned a lot from working with guys like Ethan Franklin, John Frehse and the rest of the team. Today when I have a scheduling question I know I can give them a call and they are always available to help me out.

Sargento Foods

I wanted to update you on our progress and thank you for the success your team helped create at Sargento. John Frehse was able to change our traditional operational thinking while partnering with management at all levels. Now that we have implemented the new scheduling system, I wanted to highlight several aspects of the project:
*Over three hundred thousand dollars in annual cost savings identified through better manufacturing practices, such as modifying our previous sanitation scheduling procedures.
*Added capacity allows us to meet demands with less overtime overall.
*New work and pay rules, that not only cover the schedule options presented, but also allow us to make changes in the future without incurring additional costs.
* Scheduling systems that meet both our high and low season volumes. These systems allow us to respond to the seasonal nature of our business with minimal financial and employee impact.

Throughout the process you worked with volume forecasts that constantly changed. Even though these changes extended the timeline of the project, your team continued to work with us and integrate them into the final scheduling solutions.

The above are just a few examples of the great work you did. Our new understanding of schedules, and the efficiencies they can unlock, are concepts we continue to integrate into our operations. Thank you, and I will continue to update you on our success.
Lee McCollum - Vice President of Manufacturing - Sargento


I wanted to follow up and let you know about the impact your project team has had on BMW Manufacturing Corp. We met our goal of attaining innovative scheduling solutions that captured cost savings, were operationally practical, and incorporated employee preferences. Your project leadership has enabled us to meet the large volume increases over the past year. From my perspective here are the highlights:
+ Identified several million dollars in annual cost savings from better operational practices. In addition, substantial capital cost savings were also found even though they fell outside the scope of this project.
+ The work and pay rules you developed allowed us to make this dramatic change while achieving significant cost efficiencies. You made the employees an integral part of the change process.
+ Although the change to scheduled weekend work was difficult, the employees had input into the solutions. From the introductory meetings through the survey to the implementation, employees helped guide the choice of the ultimate schedule.
+ Despite some fears about longer shifts at the outset, attendance has been very good and there has not been a negative impact on injury rates.
+ Through all the transformations your team worked extremely well with all levels of management. You were able to identify the different agendas and persevered to make sure all concerns were answered.

These are just a few of the many results we have experienced. Perhaps most significantly, your team has given BMW a fresh perspective on scheduling, one that we will be able to use in the future. I will keep you updated with our progress and our success.

Thanks again,
Kathleen Wall - Vice President of Human Resources - BMW Manufacturing Corp.

Academy Sports and Outdoors

I was very skeptical in the beginning but it has evened out my flow to the stores and has given me the flexibility to increase the amount of freight to the stores.
+ We achieved a new Academy shipping record- 103,634 cases in 6 days- the old record was 85,000 in seven days.
+ We had the best Christmas ever. Stores were full and over flowing with product.
+ Employees seem to like the 5-day break.
+ With the seven-day schedule we don't have any days that we cannot handle with a normal crew, we have not used any help from other departments even through Christmas.
Doug Barnard - Shipping Manager - Academy Sports & Outdoors

Academy Sports and Outdoors

By converting our receiving teams to your recommended 7 day rotation we have been able to smooth out the flow of inbound freight through our Distribution Center. Our contact, John Frehse, spent a considerable amount of time with our department, learning the entire process. He was very knowledgeable about the different types of work schedules available and how they would impact our operation. After 6 months of our new rotation the scheduling has made a huge difference in our operation. I would like to thank John and the other consultants at Coleman that have helped to make our department a success.
J. Jones - Hard Goods Receiving Manager - Academy Sports & Outdoors

Southern Gas and Electric Company

I wanted to write this reference letter and thank you for the work your project team did at SIGECO. Your team persevered and completed the project despite the many unrelated obstacles encountered. The fact that all sides agreed to the new schedule option is a testament to your team's ability to work well with management, the union and the employees. I would recommend your firm to any company looking to make a schedule change, especially now that I have seen all the impacts, both financial and personnel-wise, a schedule can have on a facility.
Ron Jochum - Vice President - Southern Gas and Electric Company


Ed Vanyo, Factory Manager for Nestle had the following to say about Core Practice:

1. How well did Core Practice Partners work with your plant team?
Core Practice work very well with the factory team. There was minimal interference as CP was able to work with existing data and looked at it in new ways. We also found several gaps in our data that we would not have identified without CP’s help.

2. Did you get what you expected from the project?
Yes. We eliminated several long standing assumptions about labor costs. Our shift overlap was seen as “free” previously, and now we seriously consider productivity during this ½ hour overlap period. Insight into contract language was also very important as we prepare for our contract negotiations later this year. Workforce to Workload analysis identified vacation relief and training as key areas for improvement. Also, the dialog regarding autonomous maintenance and Lead Line Tech Operator concepts fit in with our future strategies.

3. What would you tell a potential Core Practice Partners customer about our work?
CPP has a structured approach that identified several areas of labor savings. Most importantly, we evaluated areas of opportunity and were able to save more than double the cost of the study already, with more savings anticipated. The benefits from CPP’s efforts were worth the cost of the project.