The Operations and Labor Strategy Review

The Operations and Labor Strategy Review is a comprehensive review of of all practices relating to workforce management at your facilities.  This project typically takes between 6 – 8 weeks and is a high value opportunity for companies looking for rapid and sustainable cost savings.

The top hidden labor costs are often tolerated. It isn’t until they are quantified that management teams are encouraged to take action.  Here is an example of the top hidden costs in manufacturing, but the lists for each industry are different.  This is just an example of the type areas where Core Practice can be helpful.

  • High overtime
  • Inability to staff efficiently for seasonal, monthly, weekly or daily demand
  • No full time/part time/temporary employee strategy
  • No cost analysis of service level (contact centers)
  • Idle labor time (overall or pockets)
  • Hard to recruit and retain good employees
  • Outdated HR policies
  • Past changes have not achieved long term results
  • Ineffective or inefficient maintenance staffing (high OT on weekends)
  • Not maximizing current capital
  • Inefficient and/or numerous startups and shutdowns
  • High amount of downtime
  • Not meeting productivity potential/goals
  • High level of unplanned absences
  • Continued/Increasing health and safety problems
  • Hourly employees have morale issues
  • Us vs. Them employee/management mindset
  • Problems communicating to evening and night shifts
  • Inefficient vacation, lunch or break staffing
  • Maintenance used as a fire crew (reactionary)
  • Green Room time underutilized – shift change inefficiencies
  • Sanitizing every day or after 16 hours (food manufacturing)