The Labor Strategy Workshop

Labor Strategy Workshop Downloadable Version

The Core Practice Executive Workshop is a half-day interactive meeting that uncovers hidden costs relating to operations and labor strategy.  It is an abbreviated master class in labor management strategy.  Our strategic consulting group will review your current practices and share real options to rapidly capture cost savings.  Your management team will leave with new insights and real examples of solutions like flexible scheduling, low cost labor practices, and inventory and customer service optimization. Three key areas will be covered during the session:

Best Practices

With over 20 years experience in a wide variety of industries, the Core Practice team will cater the workshop to your specific challenges.  By looking at proven success stories from market leaders, your management team will learn both new ways to improve operations and how to avoid expensive mistakes.  This section of the workshop will also review your specific labor cost structure and strategies to minimize adverse costs.  Example schedules will be drawn to help clarify your challenges.  The management team will be encouraged to debate all of the points.

Uncovering Hidden Costs

Core Practice constantly updates its database of the top hidden costs segmented by industry.  Whether the management team is concerned about overtime, idle time, employee morale, productivity, customer service, flexibility, or support scheduling (to name a few) this section of the workshop will provide focus.  Often management teams are concerned about such a wide range of issues that major opportunities get lost in the shuffle.  This exercise will prioritize key initiatives, attach dollars to them, and the group will work on next steps.

Capturing the Value

Opportunities don’t hold any value if they can’t be implemented.  At the end of the workshop Core Practice will share implementation secrets, change management strategies, and a proven methodology.  Employee benchmarks will provide context around the difficulties of change management in shift work operations and highlight several areas of sensitivity.


After the workshop, Core Practice will deliver a document outlining all the feedback from the session.  This will include all the calculations, slides, and recommendations for the management team.  The group will also have the opportunity to do a follow up call to clarify points and discuss next steps.