The Health Check

The Health Check is a 4 – 5 week consulting engagement to get quick results.  Although not the full Operations and Labor Strategy Review, the Health Check does start the process and identify some cost savings.  A review of current workforce management technologies, calculation of True Labor Costs, and Workforce to Workload Mismatch Analysis are often included.  For more details on this option (often customized for the particular client) please contact John Frehse @ 212-534-0539 or

To make matching the workforce as closely as possible to the workload, an example description of services is as follows:

Staffing Strategies for Seasonal and Variable Demand

Seasonal and variable customer demand profiles can create staffing nightmares for operations.  In our on demand low cost world, customers expect the highest level of customer service at the lowest cost.  To achieve this, innovative labor strategies must be used.   Flexible schedules of all varieties have been implemented with varying degrees of success over the last decade to meet these requirements.  Although they may be the answer, they are often riddled with inefficiencies and morale problems if implemented the wrong way.

Core Practice has a targeted approach to implementing flexible schedules by including both management and employees in the process.  Health and safety are also carefully factored into the equation.  This particular module focuses specifically on the business perspective by building staffing models to minimize cost.

Utilizing True Labor Cost Strategies

From the perspective of the business, meeting customer requirements is a goal without compromise.  By understanding the real cost of overtime, idle time, and straight time, employers can make informed decisions about staffing strategies.  The Core Practice team will analyze payroll data and accurately build the cost model.  This complex process reveals many answers about staffing, labor costs, and how to reduce costs.

Setting the Right Staffing Strategies

Once the right labor cost profiles have been determined, staffing levels will be recommended that minimize adverse costs.  This may mean using overtime strategically and minimizing idle time.  Health and safety is always a factor and is incorporated into all Core Practice recommendations.  Part time and seasonal staffing profiles will also be reviewed with the understanding that in many cases those profiles are inappropriate based on the skill and sensitivity of the jobs.  This part of the process will give management teams the tools to reduce costs, strategically improve the end customer experience, and actively make decisions to continuously improve.

Model Creation

Building on the results from the True Labor Cost analysis, the Core Practice team will build shift models that minimize costs while still allowing the facility to achieve their goals.  A variety of shift patterns will be presented with detailed descriptions of how they work including flexibility strategies for unforeseen demand changes as well as seasonal spikes in volume.