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If you are experiencing WFM challenges, whether they pertain to software or shift work strategy, a half day workshop with our Chief Strategic Officer may be the right solution.  It is fast, informative, and effective.  Here is what participants have said in the first quarter of 2012:

Great workshop!  (great underlined 3 times)
Best workshop in my career so far; So many ideas to think about.
Most thought provoking session thus far!  Really challenged how we approach the entire WFM model!
This was the “best” session I’ve attended!  Very informative; Excellent speaker
Best session – this changed the way we think about our business;
Made you think outside the box;  Kept my attention the entire session; one of my favorites;
Very good and interesting speaker – thought provoking solutions with 12 hour shifts and 10 hour shifts.
Excellent presentation and John was great fun as well;  Some very eye-opening material here!

Core Practice brings targeted expertise in the labor management field to our clients globally.  Whether you are in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia or Asia – we can help.  Download whitepapers or watch a webinar to learn more about specifically what we do and how we can transform your organization.