KronosWorks 2015! John Frehse is Speaking on Tuesday @1:45

More Millennials Conversations With John Frehse of Core Practice and Amy Carovillano of The Container Store!

John them both at KronosWorks at the Aria in Las Vegas on November 15 – 17th to discuss labor strategy and how to capture cost savings while improving morale.

FT-9: Millennials! Hiring and Retaining Great Employees in a Landscape of Major Labor Changes; by Core Practice, The Container Store

As labor demographics change, companies must proactively adjust labor strategies to attract and keep the best talent. 48,000,000 additional retirees will leave the workforce by 2020. As this dilution of skills and experience increases, employers will have to work harder to get the talent they need. Learn how to get ahead of this trend with a case study from The Container Store’s DC operations (strategies applicable to all industries) with actionable information you can take back to your own operation.

Learner Outcomes:
-Drive down overall labor costs
-Dramatically improve morale
-Hire and retain the best employees in the area
-Minimize absenteeism

Product: All Products

Industry: All Industries

Tue November 17
01:45 PM -02:30 PM PST
Location: Pinyon 2
Speakers: Amy Carovillano, John Frehse

The Gist Catches Up With John Frehse in Montenegro to Talk Millennials:

Mike Pesca from The Gist continues to entertain with his podcast listened to by ten of thousands every day.  We were not sure just how popular he was until the emails started coming in.  Everyone wants to weigh in on Millennials and Mike has a heavily engaged audience.  To listen to the interview with John (starting at minute 4) and others changing the world, CLICK HERE.

Separately, the Affordable Care Act continues to be a topic driving daily phone calls to our offices.  To learn some of the basics one must know as an operations professional, see the webinar below from the largely attended IndustryWeek session.

What the COO Needs To Know:  The Affordable Care Act:

Read the recently published article in IndustryWeek written by John Frehse, Managing Partner and Chief Strategic Officer at Core Practice.  CLICK HERE

Watch the Web Seminar On Demand.  The content has been put into a web session so you can hear the message directly from John.

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