2015 Is the Year For WFM Analytics: Know Where You Are Leaking Money!

John Frehse will be speaking with Gregg Gordon on the topic of analytics throughout Q2 of 2015.  To get details about times and locations, please reach out to Fred Hayden at Core Practice.  His email is fred@corepractice.com.

Separately, the Affordable Care Act continues to be a topic driving daily phone calls to our offices.  To learn some of the basics one must know as an operations professional, see the webinar below from the largely attended IndustryWeek session.

What the COO Needs To Know:  The Affordable Care Act:

Read the recently published article in IndustryWeek written by John Frehse, Managing Partner and Chief Strategic Officer at Core Practice.  CLICK HERE

Watch the Web Seminar On Demand.  The content has been put into a web session so you can hear the message directly from John.

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