Finding The Right Shift Schedule Specifically For Your Operation

This website is full of content developed by our team of experts to help get you started.  Changing schedules is emotional and potentially disruptive so you only want to do it once.  Please reach out to us to discuss your specific challenges in a n0-pressure environment where we can share some of our experience and best practices.  Do you want to know the pros and cons of 12-hour shifts?  How about how to capture cost savings quickly without negatively impacting the workforce?  We can help.  Call John Frehse at 212-534-0539 to get some context.  You can also email him at

WEBINAR – Break the Mold: Adapt your Labor Management Strategies to Solve the Growing Skills Gap – On Demand
Want to understand the key trends impacting the skills gap? How best-in-class companies are proactively adapting their labor management strategies to maintain production levels? And do more with less? Then be sure to join us for this expert panel discussion hosted by IndustryWeek.
During this webinar, attendees will learn:
Insight into how baby boomer retirement and millennial hiring trends are impacting today’s widening skills gap
How leading organizations are adapting their labor management techniques to be more efficient
The importance of developing the talent you do have for an unknown future
Tips on how to stay ahead of the skills gap and prioritize your resources to get the most out of your operations
Registration Link:


Mike Pesca from The Gist continues to entertain with his podcast listened to by ten of thousands every day.  We were not sure just how popular he was until the emails started coming in.  Everyone wants to weigh in on Millennials and Mike has a heavily engaged audience.  To listen to the interview with John (starting at minute 4) and others changing the world, CLICK HERE.

Separately, the Affordable Care Act continues to be a topic driving daily phone calls to our offices.  To learn some of the basics one must know as an operations professional, see the webinar below from the largely attended IndustryWeek session.

What the COO Needs To Know:  The Affordable Care Act:

Read the recently published article in IndustryWeek written by John Frehse, Managing Partner and Chief Strategic Officer at Core Practice.  CLICK HERE

Watch the Web Seminar On Demand.  The content has been put into a web session so you can hear the message directly from John.

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