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The Overtime Lie in workforce managementThe Overtime Lie – If you only read one article from our archives, this should be the one.  Overtime reduction is a major initiative in businesses globally.  This article uncovers how overtime reduction may actually expose your company to risks costing more than 10 times the overtime burden you are currently paying.





Productivity and Shift Work

Productivity and Shift Work – This published article from Booz Allen’s Strategy + Business Magazine highlights the key issues that drive productivity in shift work environments.






The right way to compensate shift workersThe Right Way to Compensate Shift Workers – Hint: It is Not About the Money!  This article reviews what really matters to shift workers.  Although like everyone else they would like more money, the issues that primarily drive employee morale issues have more to do with predictability and shift schedules that work for their lives.





Flexible scheduling for employeesFlexible Scheduling Strategies for Seasonal and Variable Environments – Flexible, low cost shift schedules can be the key to unlocking millions of dollars in cost savings.  Break free from the 8-hour shift mentality and learn about the primary types of flexibility and which ones are most important to your organization.





Labor Strategy Whitepapers

food processing labor strategiesFood Processing – For those in the food industry, opportunities for cost savings are more readily available than in any other industry.  Learn about some of those key shift work strategies that can help you save money now.






Six Sigma staffing and workforce managementSix Sigma = Failure in Pharma/Life Sciences – Six Sigma is a helpful practice in many industries.  In the pharmaceutical and life sciences field, it just is not good enough.  Read the article to learn how to supplement your Lean and Six Sigma strategies with labor optimization.






Health Care staffingHealthcare – We have a major shortage of nurses in our country.  If we are not serving them properly, someone else will.  Learn how to get the edge and retain the best nurses in your organization.






Contact Center and call center workforce managementContact Centers – As one of the youngest verticals, it is also the most complex and technologically advanced.  Learn from the people that ran strategic services at Blue Pumpkin and now work with all WFM technologies to reduce costs, improve service, and improve morale.