Mining Workforce Management

Increase tonage with the manpower you already have. Don’t risk health and safety to meet production requirements.

Most mining operations waste millions of dollars each year due to inefficient labor mining schedules. Managers usually do not give much thought to schedules until a crisis develops, at which point the tendency is to implement the first solution that comes along. Costly mistakes are easily made and employees are required to work the weekends at premium pay to catch up after a sluggish Monday through Friday performance. Workforce schedules for miners are critical to the success of the operation. Miner schedules can mean the difference between profitability and losing money.

A manager’s first instinct might be to copy a schedule from a neighboring or competing mine, but the odds that it would meet the business needs are remote. Several key variables should be considered when determining business scheduling needs: production cost per ton, total tons mined, current sales price per ton, type of mine (surface, underground, long wall, dual sections, etc), transportation to the mine and at the mine, downtime needs for rock dusting, blasting, etc, work & pay policies, crew-team structure and future mine configurations.

Our experts know how to save 11% – 17% of labor costs year after year, while building healthy, safe and employee friendly schedules.