Manufacturing Labor Management Strategies

Core Practice manufacturing expertise includes work with BMW, GE, and American Axle.

Companies continue to shy away from implementing the right labor schedule. Management fights daily battles with: meeting customer demand, unplanned downtime, excessive overtime (usually on the weekends) and most costly of all, idle time. To make matters worse, as your company evolves over time, schedules typically stay the same, or morph into a hodgepodge of inefficient coverage procedures. In the end, millions of dollars are wasted each year with outdated labor systems.

Our consultants are experts at finding millions of dollars of hidden inefficiencies in manufacturing facilities. Recently one of our teams worked with a mid-western company, who was growing year after year but never changed their scheduling system. As a result, employees were working 7, 8, 9 and even 20 days in a row. This was expensive and employees hated their schedules. Turnover was nearly 40%. Using a proven analytical approach and key best practices, our experts helped to develop and implement the right schedule at their facility – capturing the cost savings and improving morale.