Labor Strategies for Utilities

Deregulation has meant new labor strategies must be reviewed in the utility industry. Organized labor and management teams can both win with the Core Practice methodology. Learn how to reduce controllable labor costs while improving morale.

Core Practice consultants have experience in all areas of the utility industry including power generation (coal, gas, hydro and nuclear), distribution and customer service in both union and non-union environments. Whether your company is already deregulated, preparing for deregulation or will remain regulated the entire utility industry is being driven by two seemingly opposing forces: reducing costs while increasing customer service. We were able to save one utility over $1,500,000 annually by better aligning their maintenance force between the peak and off-peak hours. We helped another utility save over $3,100,000 in one division alone while dramatically cutting their outage times.

Once a strategy has been determined, we work with managers, supervisors and hourly employees to implement the necessary changes. The method we use will be based upon many factors, including your labor environment (union or non-union), current management/employment relationship, the magnitude of the change, and most importantly the culture of your organization.