Flexible Shift Schedules In Food Processing Save Money


Hidden Cost Savings Opportunities in Every Food Processing Facility

Maximizing run time during each production shift is always a goal of food processing facilities. To help this process, companies typically establish run time standards based on a series of assumptions, such as: downtime events, quality and productivity. Reaching their goals is often a significant challenge. The good news is that within all facilities are hidden cost savings opportunities. Our team of experts typically finds and helps capture 12% – 17% of labor costs. With millions of dollars on the line, traditional ways of thinking must give way to a different, but proven successful analytical approach.

Food Processing Sanitation Scheduling

An extremely important component of food manufacturing labor schedules that is often overlooked is scheduling of sanitation staff.  A custom sanitation schedule can improve your productive time, lower costs, and improve performance in this critical area of food manufacturing safety.

What Companies Benefit from Custom Food Processing Shift Schedules?

Any company with a food processing line can benefit from custom shift schedules and the valuable data driven approach to scheduling employed by Core Practice. Clients like Kraft Foods and Nestle have solidified Core Practice’s leadership in the food industry.

Case Studies

At a midsize cheese manufacturer in the North East, a poor schedule resulted in excess sanitation downtime events, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. By implementing the right schedule, we were able to capitalize on the sanitation frequency standards saving money year after year.  Click HERE to download studies that will change the way you think about your employee schedules and labor strategies.