Control Healthcare Costs Through Labor Management

Controlling Costs May Be The Only Option.

As we all wait for the next piece of healthcare legislation to arrive from Washington, we need to remind ourselves that no matter the outcome, we need to do a better job of controlling costs and improving service. The doctors, nurses, call center representatives, and administrative staffs that make our healthcare system work will still be in great demand. The question will be how we can use them as effectively as possible. Core Practice completed a study in October of 2009 that resulted in the identification and focus on key labor challenges in the industry:

1. Lack of Scheduling Options to Draw Talent

2. Schedule Inflexibility Creates Overtime and Idle Time Situations

3. Turnover Costs are High

4. HR Policies are Out of Date

5. No Technology Strategy for Workforce Management Software (Spreadsheets or Out of Date Programs)

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