Implementation Services

Implementing the Right Scheduling System

Anyone can create a schedule.  The challenge is to create the right scheduling system – one that works for all aspects of the enterprise.  With over 25 years of experience, the Core Practice team is dedicated to making that happen by working closely with both operational requirements and employee preferences.  Combining these two key areas with the right safety and health considerations ensures that cost savings stick and morale improves.

Gathering The Right Information – From Both the Business and Employees

Companies that work with Core Practice quickly learn that finding the right solution is not about a shift length or day on/day off pattern.  It is about driving productivity and performance through flexible scheduling strategies that minimize adverse costs (idle time and overtime) and improve morale.  After clients have gathered both the business analysis and employee morale through the Core Practice methodology, it is important to arrive at a blended solution incorporating findings from both areas.  Armed with this valuable information, an effective scheduling system can be created that is customized to each area of the organization.  Sanitation, maintenance, production, warehouse, and other support areas all have unique requirements.  Core Practice understands this and creates unique solutions that put the pieces of the puzzle together effectively.

Avoiding Critical Mistakes

Changing schedules can be a mine field of costly errors and angry employees.  The Core Practice process avoids these classic outcomes by incorporating decades of experience with a proven methodology.  The following are the top 5 classic hazards when implementing new schedules:

  1. Work and pay policies are not aligned with the new schedules – a potential million dollar mistake
  2. Employees have not been properly educated on the new system and are not “bought into” the process
  3. Cost savings and financial impacts have not been clearly researched and uncovered
  4. The schedule is not flexible enough to handle fluctuations in demand or future growth
  5. Health and Safety impacts have not been assessed

Without a proven methodology and the insights to avoid the hundreds of hazards along the way, changing schedules can be a costly exercise without a positive result.

The Results

Changing schedules can be both emotional and disruptive.  Our methodology works closely with all groups to minimize this reality.  Combining business needs and employee preferences creates a more holistic approach to labor management that avoids “cramming in a solution” and allows for a real win-win for both employees and the business.  Core Practice can draw from its data base of thousands of schedules and customize a solution that will be right for your facility.  In the end, the schedule is important, but the system built around the schedule is what will drive the morale improvements and dramatic cost savings.  Partner with Core Practice to maximize your results.