Food Processing Whitepaper – The Million Dollar Secret

Whether your business goals are to increase daily output, reduce costs, decrease the frequency of sanitation downtime, or implement extended runs, the pressure is on. The realities of today’s competitive food manufacturing industry, along with pressure from stakeholders, require business leaders to be more aggressive and creative with cost reduction initiatives.

Capital improvements, such as building extra warehouse space or installing additional robotics, can be expensive, and your return on investment can take years. Alternatively, the untapped cost saving opportunities built into your current labor schedule can be captured in 90 days and total in the millions of dollars. If your business experiences significant production demand swings, downtime due to sanitation requirements, or any of the problems listed in chart #1 on the next page, you can capture 11% to 17% of your current labor costs as savings, year after year, with the right operations and labor deployment system.

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