Employee Engagement

Retaining Your Best Asset – Your Workforce

Employees are your most valuable asset.  Understanding what employees like and don’t like about their work environment can allow management teams to make better decisions that not only improve morale, but also save money.  If management teams can understand employee preferences around shift lengths, overtime, work hours, and other key realities in shift work environments they can also take proactive steps to improve work/life balance. Core Practice is an objective third party and will make the process objective, honest, and accurate.

Survey the Workforce

If you want to know what employees want, just ask them.  It is not exactly that simple, but with the help of Core Practice, you can find out.  Core Practice acts as an independent third party and can get feedback on over 100 proprietary questions specifically tailored to your workforce.  By using a third party, employees are able to answer questions anonymously and our team has technology to turn around the results in one week.  As a management team, this feedback is extremely valuable and can empower better decision-making and communication.  Sharing the same feedback employees builds trust and can dramatically improve the management/employee dynamic.

Utilize Benchmarks

Core Practice has employee benchmarks from our history working with a wide variety of industries with clients globally.  Our benchmarks can be catered to a region of the world and an industry so that management teams can compare their survey results to relevant workforces.  This benchmark data will both put your individual results into perspective and deviations from norms will guide management teams to areas requiring attention.

Communicate More Effectively, Gain Buy-In

In the end, the survey and benchmark data will allow management teams to make better informed decisions as they work to continuously improve their environment.  By understanding what really matters to your workforce, you can provide a better environment where workers want to be productive.  Navigating continuous improvement projects is always difficult.  Change is an emotional and potentially disruptive activity.  Management teams must enter into change management activities armed with the most complete and accurate information.  There are often several ways to achieve the desired business results.  Why not work with employee preferences to create a more complete win-win scenario for everyone.  Core Practice will help you accomplish that challenge.