About Us

We’re Passionate About Employee Schedules

Our experts have workforce management experience delivering cost savings with employee scheduling strategies to such industry leaders as Kraft Foods, BMW, Abbott Labs, Exelon and General Electric.

The Core Practice process is validated by results and is done on a fixed cost basis. We measure our success through the cost savings we achieve for our clients, with typical annual returns in excess of 500%. Our unique approach can augment the already powerful financial and operational models used by private equity firms to realize the maximum return from their investments. Core Practice develops detailed strategies and then involves employees to ensure the maximum cost savings are implemented while mitigating risks. In the first of two phases, the Core Practice consulting team works with the plant management team to develop specific goals.

Every day, more than 200 specialists from over ten countries help our customers optimize their staffing requirements. The aim is quite simple: to give our customers a competitive edge in the market. Our long term success is built on our employees’ dedication, combined with their in-depth technical and industry-specific expertise.  Whether your questions revolve around 12 hour shifts or the right technology solutions, Core Practice can help.

Meet the Core Practice Leadership Team

John Frehse – Managing Partner, Marketing and Sales

Ethan Franklin – Managing Partner, Delivery